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Wavy Abstract Background


Please find below my main areas of work for different Public Health institutions and international networks of experts. I divided all my work into "projects". The idea is to provide a snaphot overview of different topics I was working with, without the necessity to read the list of pubications.


Notification of infectious diseases in Norway during COVID-19

Comprehensive evaluation of how Norwegian physicians and laboratories were notifying infectious diseases during the COVID-19 crisis, since everyone focused on the new disease.


Comparing vaccination programmes between European countries

For several years, I participated in the VENICE-2 project which systematically collected information from countries on behalf of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)


Burden of gastrointestinal infections

During 2009-2014, I investigated the burden of gastrointestinal infections in Poland and Europe. This work was funded from the Med-Vet-Net and POLYMOD projects.


Tick-borne encephalitis risk based on different data sources

A series of investigations aimed at identifying the best way to measure TBE risk among humans.


Poliomyelitis eradication initiative

A global programme adopted by all countries in the world to get rid of poliomyelitis by vaccinating all children, monitoring suspect cases and collaborative activities.


Attitudes towards vaccination

Investigations of attitudes towards vaccinactions in various target groups in Poland and Norway. Attitudes change in time, depending how effectively institutions maintain public trust.


How common is whopping cough?

We organized a nationwide cohort study to measure age-specific pertussis incidence in Poland. We tested all patients with prolonged cough for pertussis and parapertussis.


Guidelines for prophylaxis of meningococcal disease

Together with an international group of experts we reviewed and updated guidelines for invasive menigococcal disease prophylaxis for European Union countries


Measles and rubella elimination

Ongoing effort to eliminate these two childhood infectious diseases coordinated by the World Health Organisation. I was working with this project when based in the Polish public health institute.


Prevalence of tic disorders among Warsaw schoolchildren

A survey to measure prevalence of tic disorders among children 11-12 years old attending 24 randomly selected schools in Warsaw, Poland.

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