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You can really see the difference

Not fun! I woke up after all night of rain, with all my cycling clothes wet. It seems it will rain few more days... After a short 7 km ride I arrived at the ferry which will take me through a kind of fjord where a huge river Rio Bravo falls into the Pacific Ocean. So I made it to Pacific! You can really see the difference! It's much warmer and the mountains are covered by tropical forest. Kasia, the polish girl with whom I cycled part of the road during the last 10 days had a problem with her ankle and found a ride to Cochrane.

Distance 25 km (cum. 2,682 km); Ascent 540 m (cum. 8,500 m). Today I wanted to get as close to Cochrane as possible to get there tomorrow. I need to take Chilean money from the ATM and dry a bit. After the ferry the weather improved but then again it started to rain. It was really hard with the steep ascensions under the rain. After I got a flat tire (again) and changed the tube, a man stopped and asked if I go to Tortel. Thinking that this place is on my way to Cochrane I accepted his kind offer to give me a lift. Before I was always refusing but sometimes I was actually regretting... It allows meeting local people, sometimes learning something new. I ended up away from the road to Cochrane, but in a quite amazing place - Tortel, a village built on pillars - all houses, passages and even viewpoints and plazas - are on wooden platforms. I found a nice cheap accommodation and I could dry most of my things and rest a bit.

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