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Today was a disaster

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Distance 181 km (cum. 11,441 km); Ascent 1,794 m (cum. 101,403 m). Today was a disaster due to bad planning. I thought that I need to come back to Guayaquil because my host family was leaving for a short vacation. Therefore I booked a hotel to guarantee a good price and also to see the second episode of my favorite series. What I did not foresee is that the road from Quevedo to Manta is extremely hilly and long. As a result I spent 14 hours on the bicycle! I was completely wasted!!! Next morning I wanted to see the area devastated by the recent earthquake (16 April, 7.8 in Richter scale, 673 deaths, 28K displaced). The view of the strict centre of the town devastated and abandoned was indeed very sad :(

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