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With wifi and a decent toilet!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Unexpected nice lunch in a football club in the tiny village San Francisco de Villocq.

Yesterday I got a flat tire. After changing the tube there was still a problem with the tire. Today morning I got a big help in a vulcanization shop. They fixed my tire, patched the tube and did not even want money!!!

Distance 94 km (cum. 888 km). After obtaining the information on local roads in San Francisco de Villocq I decided to take the road to Copetonas as this is the most straightforward way to Bahia Blanca. They warned me that this is a dirt road and everybody goes around through Tres Arroyos. I thought that I can make it but I was wrong. After few kilometers I got stuck in the sand and had to go back and take the asphalt road around... I was lucky to have a north wind which made me develop an amazing speed without big effort... And here I am - finally a warm shower!!!

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