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Visited the Inca ruins

A day of rest in Vilcashuaman. I visited the Inca ruins, but there was not much else to do... Since I had again problems with my inner tires, I don't feel confident to continue on the 'ripio' in remote areas. I have bought 2 new ones in La Paz and got 4 new ones in Puno which were brought from Brazil by a colleague. They seemed working just fine. But when it came to the off-road cycling, all of them got flat because of physical punctures from thorns. Unfortunately they did not seem to keep the air well after being patched and these brand new tires started getting ruptured on the internal side, sometimes in few places, just after few hours of cycling. I think these new tires are too thin, not really appropriate for my tire size and nor for such type of cycling. It's really impossible to buy good quality tires here and I'm fed up with worrying about such stupid thing, get dirty every day and smell rubber all the time... I'm thinking to shorten my trip. I will now only take asphalt roads and maybe take a Spanish course in Ecuador or Colombia...

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