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Today was a bit crazy!

Distance 75 km (cum. 8,000 km); Ascent 933 m (cum. 58,658). Today was a bit crazy! I was advancing quite smoothly on good paved roads. During lunch, however, I realized that I lost my knife during the earlier break... I really like this knife, therefore I decided to come back to this place. Since it was across a big mountain, I thought it would be better to find a ride... I left the bicycle with all the stuff at one farm, and I took a passing taxi. I was lucky to find the knife quite fast but I struggled for many hours to find the ride back to the farm. Everything ended well, however, and I tried to catch up a bit in the evening. I cycled two hours in the dark and I arrived to Tablachaca, where there was a cheap and extremely basic accommodation. I preferred this than mounting my tent in the dark :)

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