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Today I only got to Juliaca

Distance 42 km (cum. 8,583 km); Ascent 198 m (cum. 64,410 m). Today I only got to Juliaca, where there is a 'casa de ciclistas' recommended by many cyclists. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some info on the bicycle and metal workshops. Indeed, the host was extremely nice and helpful. Since I arrived quite early, I could store my luggage in a safe place and arrived to find a very well equipped 'tornillería' (shop with a wide choice of screws), and, after a very long search, a 'tornería en metal' - a workshop where they fixed my broken screw!!! Some Peruvians and tourists were saying that Juliaca is ugly and dangerous... My experience of few hours indicated that it's an industrial town, maybe not super beautiful, but I actually liked its wide streets, less crowded than Puno, many green squares and its nice people! And this is the town when they fixed my broken screw! I love Juliaca!!!

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