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This day was a bit crazy!

Distance 138 km (cum. 6,267 km); Ascent 755 m (cum. 46,329 m). This day was a bit crazy! We started very early, but we separated quite fast, because Heidi and Jeremias wanted to go as fast as possible, to reach Santa Maria, our planned destination, around 114 km without too much settlements on the way... I was more relaxed, and took my time to make regular breaks... On the way I encountered two cyclists I met in El Chalten three months ago! When I arrived to Santa Maria I could not find a good camping or hostel. And then I found an amazing hostel with hundreds of positive reviews, situated on the route to Tucuman, my destination for tomorrow! I arrived here after 19:00, and can confirm that the place is really incredible, a strong candidate for hostel number 1 in terms of atmosphere, architecture and style :)

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