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The way here was very challenging

After crossing Lago del Desierto we went through the Argentinian border control and started the famous crossing to Lago O'Higgins: first seven kilometers of narrow forest paths, through dozens of streams, mostly uphill, and then 16 km of gravel road on the Chilean side, mostly downhill.

Distance 23 km (cum. 2,563 km). Finally arrived at the harbour of Lago O'Higgins. The way here was very challenging! The first part was very difficult, we had to take our shoes half of the way, pushing the bicycles through the mud, steep ascensions and hundreds of massive tree roots. We helped each other many times. The Chilean side was easier but we arrived after 19:00, completely exhausted. We camped on a free campsite, hoping to take the boat next day together with a dozen of other travelers from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France and USA.

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