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The road is nice, sunny and almost no wind

Today I spent the morning buying some missing gear in Necochea. Therefore l left a bit late. But the road is nice, sunny and almost no wind! The landscape is changing slowly. There are more wetlands and a bit more trees.

Distance 114 km (cum. 794 km). It was a beautiful day, although maybe a bit too hot and massive amounts of insects flying around. At the end of the day I looked like a front bumper of a car after a day ride in late spring. Hundreds of small ones died drowned in the thick layer of sunscreen on my face, arms and legs...

A small dissonance in the perfectness of this day was the late arrival in the small resort 'Balneario Orense' where I could not find the accommodation. There was a power shortage and I just could not find anything in the pitch black and empty streets. So I camped in the town park... Unfortunately at midnight the power was back and I found that there is a big lamp just over my head... I did not sleep too much, did not take a shower, but the morning view was rewarding :)

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