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The camping woke up under a heavy wind

This morning the camping woke up under a heavy wind which filled all the tents and campers with dust. The wind was so strong that cycling did not make sense... Actually this was forecasted by WINDGURU, a website mostly used by windsurfers. For a dense grid of locations they provide the strength and direction of the wind, temperature and rain. Until now it's forecasts were quite accurate... It said that the wind will slow down after 12:00. So I decided to stay on the camping a bit longer and leave after lunch. And now I'm back on the road again and it goes well!

Regularly on the road you can see the small chapels or small monuments commemorating someone...

Distance 100 km (cum. 1,670 km). Since I left very late - around 15:00, it was not realistic to get to Sierra Grande. I went as far as I could profiting from slow wind. I found a nice spot near a dry river bed. It's my first wild camping! I'm a bit concerned that some snakes will choose my tent as a shelter during the night :)

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