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On the road again

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Getting out from a big town is always a pain! But I'm on the road again! This Ruta Provincial 22 is pretty busy though, hope there will be less traffic later on... Also, there was quite a strong northern wind slowing me down. The forecast says that today afternoon and tomorrow will be wind-free! Lunch break in the lovely village of Medanos :)

Distance 182 km (cum. 1,318 km). Wow! I did not expect such a long distance today! I planned to spend the night in the village of Algarrobo, approx 95 km from Bahia Blanca... I arrived there quite early and found that there is no staff in the two hotels... The conditions for cycling were so good that I thought it would be a waste to spend the entire afternoon waiting for the hotel staff without the guarantee that the accommodation will work... Thus I went back on the road and thought I can always find a good place to camp... But I did not find anything for the entire 90 km! The road is fenced and it's not feasible and probably not too safe to camp on the side of a busy road... Well, there were few spots just before Rio Colorado, but the perspective of a warm shower and cold beer motivated me for this last effort to get to this amazing camping... And just before the camping I saw this! La Adela is a kind of suburb of Rio Colorado and probably a nice place :)

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