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I was attacked by a huge dog

Distance 12 km (cum. 7,690 km); Ascent 98 m (cum 56,258 m). Today I just wanted to get to the touristic village Sajama located in the middle of the national park. I thought I will find some better food and maybe a possibility to wash my clothes. In the morning when I tried to find some shop in Lagunas, the village when I spent the night, I was attacked by a huge dog which did not make a joking impression. Yesterday in the same village, another dog actually attacked me without a sound, snapping few centimetres from my leg, it was really frightening! Therefore, I stepped back and decided to continue without breakfast... The short route to Sajama was another disaster, this time caused by my stupid decision to take some shortcuts. I ended up crossing several streams, some quite deep! I also had to push my bike a lot through the sand, and arrived here 3 hours after leaving Lagunas! I have to say that I am tired of Bolivia, it's rude climate, disastrous quality of roads, inhospitable people and aggressive dogs!

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