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I started very early

Distance 30 km (cum. 9,297 km); Ascent 805 m (cum. 72,260 m). Today I started very early, before 7:00. I arrived in Autama, just before the big climb to a pass at 4,400 m. I was a bit concerned that I will be stuck at this high altitude and will have to camp there. Today's route was tough already, with very steep roads... When I was taking a lunch, I decided to take my chances, as it was quite early... However, some people talked me to stay in a "TAMBO", another free refuge. I got curious about this concept and I stayed, especially that I could use the rest before the whole day at high altitude tomorrow! The TAMBO is a governmental programme directed to poor communities all around the country. It consists of a building (usually the most modern in the area), a satellite internet connection, rooms available for social events and a free refuge for 8 travelers (or anyone at need). The staff consists of a guardian and a social assistant who works with the school, health post and other partners, organizes events and tries to involve the community in different initiatives. I think it's a great idea, I don't think it exists in other countries of this region!

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