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I love these signs!

The night at the motel was great - I could rest and relax a bit. For today I planned an easy way to San Antonio Oeste. But unfortunately the morning was terrible - constant fight with a strong north wind... The forecast says that the wind should slow down in the afternoon...

I love these signs! They help me becoming a better person! From now on I will not destroy any road signs!!

Distance 106 km (cum. 1,570 km). This day started like a nightmare with constant fight against the wind and exposure to 30 degrees heat... I ended up in Las Grutas in a simple but quite busy camping. I met the first real traveler - Ennio from Italy. Two years ago he cycled in the Andes mountains in the northern part between Argentina and Chile. Now he is hitchhiking and climbing in Patagonia. He gave me a map, plenty of useful advices and tips on some beautiful mountain passes :) This photo was taken the next day when Ennio was looking for a ride...

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