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I did only 20 km to Sierra Grande

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

In the morning I did only 20 km to Sierra Grande with a lot of uphill cycling against a strong wind. There I met a fantastic guy - Frederic Barnet. He is Spanish and since several years he is continuing his journey of all the countries of the world on bicycle! Argentina is the 59th if I recorded correctly :) Currently he cycles from Florida! We spent two hours chatting and he gave me a lot of useful tips regarding finding cheap accommodation etc. Frederic was stuck in Sierra Grande because of the strong wind. He thought to take a truck who will take him with the bike up south. He tried to convince me to stay and find some alternative solutions but I decided to take my chances with cycling in these difficult conditions. Equipped with >8 liters of water I am back on the road :)

Distance 75 km (cum. 1,745 km). This day was a constant fight against a very strong wind! On days like this you feel like a small ant crushed by the powerful nature... You can cry, you can shout, you can try to talk this through but the wind does not care - you are nothing, just another small obstacle... Found this simple but really nice hostería on the road thanks to an information given at a police checkpoint. It does not have TV or wifi but It offers a warm shower, clean bed and the most amazing homemade dinner :)

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