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I came to Puerto Aysen by mistake

Finally back on the road! There is a very strong wind, but it does not bother me as much as it did in Argentina. There is a lot of hills and forests protecting against the wind. The only problem is that I went the wrong way. I wanted to continue on Ruta 7, but I went to the road 240... I saw this too late and did not want to come back, especially that there is a road connecting to the Carretera more to the north and maybe some ferry connections... It would be nice to see the fjords, the ferry seems to be the only way to see them as there is no roads along the ocean...

Distance 70 km (cum. 3,105 km); Ascent 432 m (cum. 14,003 m). Well, I came to Puerto Aysen by mistake and I tried to take a ferry through the fjords to Quellon on Chiloe island, which would affect my plans, but could be a unique experience anyway. It did not work - the ferry was fully booked and the next one is on Friday :) Tomorrow I will come back to the 'Carretera Austral'. In the evening there was this party on the main square - synchronic dancing of a sample of the female population of Puerto Aysen of all ages - good public health activity!

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