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I arrived at Villa Maniguales

In the morning I checked for the possibility of booking a ticket from Puerto Cisnes which is about 170 km more to the north, to Quellon. The previous evening I tried to book online but it was not possible because the online system was suspending all the time. In the office, in turn, they said that even if they are a point of ticket sale for this company, they cannot book this other cruise, and I have to go to Puerto Chacabuco (more to the west) and then come back and do the 170 km... It reminded me the quality of transport services in Argentine... Zero respect for the traveler, no attempt to assure transparent information, etc... Maybe it's because this route is supported by the government, quite cheap and usually covered by organized groups... A bit disappointed by the lack of possibility to see the fjords and the Chiloe island, I came back to the road. It's raining and cloudy, but the rain is very light :)

Distance 58 km (cum. 3,163 km); Ascent 486 m (cum. 14,489 m). I arrived at Villa Maniguales at 15:30. Encountered cyclists told me that the next camping is in 50 km and there is not much good places to camp close to the road. I decided to stay on a simple camping in the middle of the village, sharing the space with a bunch of geese and a bunch of chicken accompanied by an angry rooster. No need to set up the alarm clock tomorrow :)

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