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For the first time

Distance 45 km (cum. 8,185 km); Ascent 1,005 m (cum. 62,275 m). For the first time, I arrived to start cycling at 7:00. I was hoping to get to Irupana, some 65 km and almost 2,000 meters of climb. The info was that there is no places to stay on the way to Irupana... I had bad luck, however, and got three flat tires in a row... I spent half of the morning unsuccessfully trying to identify the cause, and got really frustrated with this... As a consequence, I got only to Plazuela, a small village 20 km to Irupana, at the beginning of the climb to the second big mountain. I found a simple accommodation there. I think I will probably take a bus to La Paz from Irupana, these mountains exhausted me physically and psychologically... I don't know what is happening with the tires :(

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