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Encountered a big 30 m hole in the road

Distance 70 km (cum. 4,675 km); Ascent 1,024 m (cum. 31,824 m). Despite I started very early, I went very slowly in the morning. First, I encountered a big 30 m hole in the road filled with water and mud, remaining from yesterday storm. A car got stuck in this mud and I spent an hour trying to help the driver get out, together with a family who arrived in the same time. After this, me and the bicycle were covered by mud. The family offered to help cleaning the bike in their nearby house, and gave me some fruits. Then I arrived in Villa Nueva, the last village where I could find potable water and one family helped me with refilling my water containers, sold me some cold drinks and gave more fruits :) I was ready to start the most challenging part - crossing to Iglesia, on a very bad 'ripio', without any sources of water! I arrived to do only about 30 km in almost 6 hours... I camped on the side of the road, since there is practically no cars going over here!

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