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Cycling these roads is really hard!

Distance 42 km (cum. 9,392 km); Ascent 830 m (cum. 74,238 m). Cycling these roads is really hard! Even going downhill on steep roads, carved on almost vertical walls is tough as the roads are not well maintained and covered by piles of small stones or gravel... Also the people are nice in a slightly annoying way. They stop me in the villages and on the road and ask about my destination. I have to explain each time where I go, sometimes checking on the map, as I cannot remember all the village names, often difficult to spell. Today I spent two hours talking to people and one hour fixing my bike after three flat tires in a row... As I wanted to start climb the next 4,000 m mountain to possibly get back to civilization tomorrow, I cycled (or rather pushed) until dark and set up my tent just on the side of the road...

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