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Cycling did not go so well

After highly dysfunctional packing in the morning I got on the road. Cycling did not go so well, as I had problems adapting to the cold weather. If I was wearing too warm clothes I was sweating especially during ascensions. On the other hand when I was using summer clothes I was cold with the freezing wind... When I arrived to the top of the mountain, approximately in the middle of the way I had this impressing view of the valley and the formidable storms waiting for me... Actually I saw these storms since the morning on the west and hoped to avoid them as there was quite a strong western wind...

Distance 94 km (cum. 2,291 km). Arrived in El Calafate! On the way I finally got into the storm and got quite wet, some 40 km from the town. With the freezing wind it was not fun! El Calafate is an amazing place! For the first time in Argentina I can hear many languages on the street, restaurants open before 22:00 and are full! I decided to rest one day here and go for a half-day excursion to the famous glacier Perito Moreno.

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