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Complete failure!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

After a terrible night, it started ok, but at 10:00 a freezing wind started again! It was so strong that small stones were flying and hitting me! I could barely progress and started to fear that by the evening I could be stuck on the way up or on the pass, where I wouldn't find any shelter. I was only 22 km from the pass, but I was progressing at a pace of 4 km / hour, mostly pushing the bicycle. Also, due to high altitude I had difficulties with breathing... I cracked and asked a passing car for a lift to the frontier... At the top the wind was still strong but I was at least supposed to go down, which I started immediately, with a short pause for a lunch...

Distance 59 km (cum. 4,865 km); Ascent 357 m (cum. 34,566 m). This is the first time I camp in the wilderness two days in a row, without a shower :) I guess I start to look and smell interestingly...

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