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Arrived to Lago Rivadavia

The last lake in this beautiful national park... It would be a perfect day if I would not have to cycle in the unsupportable heat on a very bad dirt road, regularly covered by dust by passing cars... I plan to get to Cholila today, where lives a polish priest hosting cyclists. Several people told me about this place and I modified my route to come there :)

Distance 68 km (cum. 3,658 km); Ascent 922 m (cum. 20,312 m). Arrived in Cholila! The priest Adam is the first I visited after I started to use the website 'Warm Showers' which is specifically dedicated to hosting cyclists. It's quite an interesting experience! He shared food with me and two other Chilean cyclists who came without notice. He also invited us to stay one more day and participate in the good-bye party with two roasted lambs during which all his friends from the area will come :)

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