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Arrived to Barreal

Today it was downhill almost all the time. However, the first 35 km on 'ripio', and later on a good road but facing a strong wind, made today road challenging. One really nice aspect of this route is that there were almost no cars! It was extremely hot and there was no water... Fortunately yesterday I was lucky to camp at the only stream on the road and I took 5 liters of water with me. I'm a bit reluctant to use water for cooking, but I guess I don't have a choice :)

Distance 86 km (cum. 4,567 km); Ascent 85 m (cum. 30,679 m). I arrived to Barreal, a small touristic village beautifully situated below the 'cordillera'... I cycled the entire day with these astonishing views, but the burning sun was difficult to stand! Even during the lunch break I could not find any shade... The hot shower tonight and the cold beer were especially appreciated :)

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