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Arrived in Urcos

Distance 95 km (cum. 8,880 km); Ascent 394 m (cum. 65,556 m). Arrived in Urcos, a lovely town spread on the mountain slope! In the morning I planned to have a side adventurous trip to the famous 'rainbow mountain' located somewhere here at the altitude over 5,000 m. If I would take a route from Sicuani I could probably see the mount Auzangate (4th highest in Peru) and Laguna Sibinacocha, along with other high mountain lakes... As I could not find any reliable descriptions of this road (just a map), I tried to get some info from the local police and local drivers. Everyone strongly discouraged me to take this route. They said it's not used by cars and it's very tough with very strong gradients passing as high as 5,100 m... I thought that it could be indeed difficult to spend some nights there and could not get help if something would happen... Then I tried to get to Pitumarca where all the tourist expeditions go, but when I missed the road I gave up... Maybe I will go there from Cusco, maybe not... Finally, I missed so much tourist attractions on my way...

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