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Arrived in Puerto Rio Tranquilo

Distance 53 km (cum. 2,815 km); Ascent 850 m (cum. 10,630 m). Arrived in Puerto Rio Tranquilo. We met with Miroslav and thought that we could take an excursion to the famous marble caves, rocks carved by the sea in fantastic shapes. There was however a strong wind and the excursions were cancelled. Miro decided to continue and I wanted to stay and see the excursion the next day. I therefore stayed in a hostería where I met two German cyclists going south, two polish guys - Adam - traveling on a motorbike and Maciek - hitchhiking. We spent the evening with the polish guys. We discovered the local brewery producing excellent beers :)

Distance 46 km (cum. 2,861 km); Ascent 538 m (cum. 11,168 m). It was a relatively easy section of the route to Villa Cerro Castillo. I think I will have to take several steep ascensions tomorrow. But anyway it was good to cycle part of the route today, especially that I found a beautiful spot by the river Rio Murto. The only small inconvenience was the high density of fresh manure in this forest. I managed to find a manure-free spot for my tent, took a cold refreshing mini-shower, prepared an experimental dinner from rice, beans and a sausage, and had a nice sleep :)

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