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Arrived in Buenos Aires on Thursday

After few days I thought that I could spend here few weeks and enjoy... But I did not come here for fun but for serious business! I want to spend as much time as possible in the Andes - my main destination :) Playa de mayo on the photo...

Today's distance 105 km. First night in an obscure cabin in the lovely village called Magdalena :)

Today there were presidential elections in Argentina! Mauricio Macri won!!! Finally there may be changes in the approach to economy, transparency, etc. Congrats!

La Plata, mid-point of my first day of cycling. It was not easy to get out from the big town; Compared to most European settings, people drive much less carefully and the cars are old and smelly... The climate and the landscape reminds me the south of Europe... Except it seems more humid...

La Plata seems to be one of these 'model towns' designed to be perfectly symmetrical, easy to move around and live. It reminds me of Milton Keynes in England, but MK is even more perfect and has far more roundabouts :)

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