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Arrived in Bariloche

I woke up in a wet tent and could not wait until it dries, unfortunately... The morning was a continuation of the loooong ascensions in a quite cold weather... I found a nice spot on the border of the lake for a lunch...

Distance 82 km (cum. 3,865 km); Ascent 954 m (cum. 22,618 m). Arrived in Bariloche, a famous tourist resort active both during summer and winter. I was supposed to stay at the house of Claire, a British living in a village nearby. However, I did not arrive to contact her before I left El Bolson. After unblocking my SIM card I called her and learned that she is busy today and asked me if I still would like to come tomorrow. I stayed one night in a very nice terrace camping where I tried to dry my tent... I met one Bulgarian backpacker who I met earlier in the Coyhaique hostel and a very nice group of Argentinians. Especially one of them was nice, but she was travelling with her boyfriend:)

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