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another humbling lesson from Mother Nature

Distance 33 km (cum. 7,437 km); Ascent 141 m (cum. 54,679 m). Today I got another humbling lesson from Mother Nature. A heavy wind coupled with the bad road surface made cycling a huge challenge... Ok, truth to be told, there was no road, there was only a trace where the cars were going most often... Sometimes the 'road' was dividing in two or three sub-roads which later joined... Sometimes it was really difficult to find any road... I had to push or even pull the bike through the sand, face cyclic sandstorms, etc... On the way, I lost contact with Jan. I was waiting for him for 40 minutes on a crossroad, but he did not appear. I hope he is fine and he will find the way... At the end of the day, I found this nice camping spot protected from the wind!

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