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A nice viewpoint of the beginning of the Andes

After a good sleep interrupted only two times by the arrival of drunk roommates, I started the day very early. Now I arrived almost to the midpoint of my today's route, to a nice viewpoint of the beginning of the Andes :)

Distance 103 km (cum. 2,394 km). Arrived in La Leona, approximately half way to El Chalten. Its just one 'estancia' hosting a hotel, camping and restaurant. It appears that in this farm Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid were hiding for a month after robbing the bank in Rio Gallegos... Anyway, I feel like arriving in the cyclist area! In the morning a woman stopped on the road and informed me with enthusiasm that there is a place in El Chalten called 'Casa de Ciclistas' where cyclists are welcome and can camp for free... And in the afternoon I met a group of approx. 15 bicycle tourers!!!

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