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A day of rest in Uyuni

After the first week, I'm not sure what to think about Bolivia... It's definitely very different from Argentina and Chile. It has less European influences in the way people live, organize the public space and how they behave. For the first time, I got overtly harassed by people on the road, they started to shout something to me, laughing loudly and mocking me. Also, I got irritated few times by some strange behaviors of employees of hostels or restaurants, who were accumulating problems, i.e., this is not possible, that is not permitted, in a quite detached and odd way... The country seem to have larger proportion of its population leaving in rural areas. I see villages and houses all along the roads. Most of the houses look very poor. In Uyuni and Tupiza I felt like an easy prey for service providers who only care to suck away your money. I will see, maybe when I will cycle away from the popular tourist destinations, I will meet more normal people who will not perceive me as source of "plata"...

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