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A day of rest in Bariloche

It did not work with the contact from WarmShowers due to miscommunication. I think this type of travelling has advantages (meeting people, spending time with them, no costs, etc), but also some disadvantages: it takes a lot of time and energy to find somebody; you need to switch to an asking/looking/begging mode sending around to strangers requests for help; you are invading somebody else's space. And I really think that nothing is for free. The hosts would like you to tell your story, eat with them or not, do this or that. For example, if you have a bad mood, are tired and just would like to get a shower and go to bed, you have to pretend that you are happy and spend the whole evening talking... I would like to try more WarmShowers anyway as I find this quite appealing, and could help me better immerse in the local culture... Today I moved to a nice hostel in the strict centre and spent the day on resting, doing laundry, getting spare parts for my bicycle. I also visited Miguel, another WarmShowers veteran who was currently not available for hosting but kindly agreed to look at my bicycle and give me some tips for maintenance. It was super useful indeed :)

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