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Variation in adult vaccination policies across Europe: An overview from VENICE network on vaccine recommendations, funding and coverage


Elisabeth Kanitz, Lauren Wu, Cristina Giambi, Raymond Strikas, Daniel Lévy-Bruhl, Paweł Stefanoff, Jolita Mereckiene, Eva Appelgren, Fortunato D’Ancona; VENICE National Gatekeepers, Contact Points.


Vaccine 2012; 30(35): 5222-8.

An overview of adult vaccination policies across EU Member States. The survey was coordinated and analysed by an EPIET fellow based in Italy. We found that countries have very different approach to adult vaccination, and in most countries there is no real policy or system in place, and most countries do not collect reliable information on vaccine uptake. I guess this will change after the COVID-19 pandemic, as the importance of universal vaccination programmes is now well recognised!

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