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Spotlight on measles 2010: A measles outbreak in a Roma population in Pulawy, eastern Poland, June to August 2009


Hana Orlikova, Justyna Rogalska, Ewa Kazanowska- Zielińska, Tadeusz Jankowski, Janusz Słodziński, Bożena Kess, Paweł Stefanoff.


Euro Surveill 2010; 15: pii: 19550.

A thorough investigation of a measles outbreak in a Roma community in Pulawy, carried by the first EPIET fellow based in Poland, Hana Orlikova. This investigation revealed that mealses had spread mainly among unvaccinated persons, and the index case has probably traveled to UK and was exposed there. Overall, this large Roma settled population was inadequately vaccinated against measles and other diseases.

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