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Mass immunisation campaign in a Roma settled community created an opportunity to estimate its size and measles vaccination uptake, Poland, 2009


Paweł Stefanoff, Hana Orlikova, Justyna Rogalska, Ewa Kazanowska-Zielińska, Janusz Słodziński.


Euro Surveill 2010; 15: pii: 19552.

An investigation triggered by findings during a measles oubtreak in a Roma community in Pulawy, Poland. During the outbreak investigation, we decided to estimate the size of the population, how much of its members are registered in the municipality, and what is the vaccine uptake in this community. We found out that this Roma community, which was settled for a long time, had much lower life expectancy than the general population living in Poland. Also we observed thath this community had limited access to healthcare and was less vaccinated than the general Polish population.

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