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I-MOVE multi-centre case control study 2010-11: overall and stratified estimates of influenza vaccine effectiveness in Europe


Esther Kissling, Marta Valenciano, Jean-Marie Cohen, Beatrix Oroszi, Anne-Sophie Barret, Caterina Rizzo, Pawel Stefanoff, Baltazar Nunes, Daniela Pitigoi, Amparo Larrauri, Isabelle Daviaud, Judit Krisztina Horvath, Joan O'Donnell, Thomas Seyler, Iwona Paradowska-Stankiewicz, Pedro Pechirra, Alina Ivanciuc, Silvia Jiménez-Jorge, Camelia Savulescu, Bruno Ciancio, Alain Moren.


PLoS One 2011; 6: e27622.

A massively cited paper summarizing one of the first approaches to measure effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccination across EU Member States. The I-MOVE project was initiated to monitor vaccine effectiveness in consecutive influenza seasons and adopt a common study protocol, agreed between the countries, and regularly updated. I contributed in early stage by reviewing the first country protocols and later on by coordinating the first installment of the investigation in Poland. During 2010-2020, my friends from Epiconcept and ECDC have turned the I-MOVE project into a sustainable network to produce reliable evidence for various stakeholders, that has been also used during the COVID-19 crisis. After I left the Polish Institute in 2011, I was not involved any more in this fantastic project, but I remained its fan :)

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