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Exotic dried fruits caused Salmonella Agbeni outbreak with severe clinical presentation, Norway, December 2018 to March 2019


Tone Johansen, Lin Brandal, Emily MacDonald, Umaer Naseer, Paweł Stefanoff, Margrethe Røed, Turid Berglund, Gro Johannessen, Bjarne Bergsjø, Line Vold, Heidi Lange.


Euro Surveill 2021; 26(14): 2000221.

An investigation of an outbreak caused by a rare Salmonella type, carried out by a EUPHEM fellow. I was involved to help in planning and implementation of an epidemiological study. Unfortunately, the case control study did not go well. However, the overall investigation was very successful, since it found a genetically identical Salmonella bacteria in both suspected food and in human cases.

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