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Association between exposure to a mixture of phenols, pesticides, and phthalates and obesity: Comparison of three statistical models


Yuqing Zhang, Tianyu Dong, Weiyue Hu, Xu Wang, Bo Xu, Zhongning Lin, Tim Hofer, Pawel Stefanoff, Ying Chen, Xinru Wang, Yankai Xia.


Environ Int 2019 Feb;123:325-336.

When I started to work at the Norwegian Institute in 2018, I was involved in collaborative work between the toxicology department of the Norwegian Institute and a research group from Nanjing University in China. Despite many obstacles, we prepared a nice and robust collaborative grant. Unfortunately, the reserch project was not awarded funding. The only trace of our collaboration was this peer reviewed publication, comparing statistical models to compare the effect of multiple exposures on a health outcome. It includes quite advanced statistical approaches and is massively cited!

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