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A predictive model has identified tick-borne encephalitis high-risk areas in regions where no cases were reported previously, Poland, 1999-2012


Paweł Stefanoff, Barbara Rubikowska, Jakub Bratkowski, Zbigniew Ustrnul, Sophie Vanwambeke, Magdalena Rosińska.


Int J Environ Res Public Health 2018; 15(4).

One of my main achievements, based on expertise gathered during a decade of interdisciplinary work and countless discussions. The model includes the best available data at lowest possible resolution (NUTS-5). It was a huge teamwork. Meteorological measurements were prepared using spatial interpolation by prof. Ustrnul and his team. Landscape use data were prepared by Jakub Bratkowski based on landscape use maps (CORINE LandCover 2006). The remaining data came from the Central Statistical Office. The predictive model was developed by Basia Rubikowska and Magda Rosińska. We were hoping this approach will be incorporated more routinely in the surveillance Institute...

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