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We passed to Argentina

It was the longest ascent to date, and after passing 31 steep curves we arrived to the altitude of 3,175 meters! My original plan was to continue to the pass Cristo Redentor on a very steep dirt road... But the lack of reasonable place to stay for the night before the ascent and the wish to continue a bit longer with Mathilde, made me change the plan. Therefore I continued with her through the tunnel on the Argentinian side, under the actual pass...

Distance 43 km (cum. 4,385 km); Ascent 1,520 m (cum. 29,875 m). We passed to Argentina and stayed in a nice and cheap hostel in Puente del Inca. It is a good access base to the highest peak in Latin America - Aconcagua (6,962 m). We could actually see the peak from the road! The road to Mendoza will be easier now, mostly descending :)

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