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Today I left the 'Ruta Provincial 11'

Which I tried to follow since the beginning. It started as a dirt road then it changed every now and then into a normal two way road and sometime became a highway with 2 + 2 lanes and a service lane... This incompatibility of the map/standard and reality is reflected in many places. For examples in suburbs and some villages the perfect symmetrical layout of the streets is difficult to be seen when you are there since the "streets" are just hardened ground and the houses are sparsely distributed around...

Distance 109 km (cum. 680 km). Another long day. It's really annoying to have the wind in your face for the whole day and not a single parking, shop or gas station for 90 km! I could understand that the country is vast and not all services can be assured but I saw at least 10 buildings on the road which were closed and mostly devastated, indicating that a place to stop and eat was needed and made available but something went wrong at some point...

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