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the sun at 30 degs

I spent a night a bit unexpectedly on an unmarked camping. Actually it was an expensive family hotel where I just wanted to buy ice cream, exhausted by several hours on the sun at 30 degs. The owners showed to be super nice! I started to talk with them and somehow they lured me to stay in their camping which was literally on the beach! Today morning I did not hurry too much and visited the neighboring small town Panguipulli and now moving slowly along another beautiful lake Calafquen... I think the peculiar names of these towns and lakes come from the language of the native inhabitants - the Mapuche...

Distance 63 km (cum. 4,227 km); Ascent 529 m (cum. 26,694 m).

Reflections part 2 about being a traveler: In my subjective experience there are two types of travelers. First, there are 'checklist travelers', who want to see things from the list and tick the boxes, who are well organized and have a plan. Second, there are 'philosophical travelers' for whom traveling is the purpose in itself in order to understand the world better, or maybe to understand themselves. They try to know the country by meeting people on the road, live among them... I think in the beginning I was resembling the first type. I was going fast, I liked to count kilometers and go according to plan. After a certain time I decided to relax and forget about planning... Now I'm going slowly, sometimes staying in some places when I feel like doing it. I change my destinations every day, based on inspiration from encountered people. I don't mind skipping attractions on my way, as I'm perfectly aware I will not see 99% of beautiful and interesting places anyway. I think that the bicycle is the perfect choice for me - it gives me flexibility and allows me to go slowly, enjoy the nature at different places at different times of the day, have daily exercise and be self-reliable, leaving only minimal and biodegradable traces on my way...

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