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The climbing did not go so bad

Distance 57 km (cum. 4,806 km); Ascent 1,893 m (cum. 34,209 m). The climbing did not go so bad, but the insanely strong wind gradually took all my strength. Based on the experience of previous cyclists I wanted to get to the place where the tunnel will be built. It seems that there is some kind of refuge from the wind... It would necessitate at least few hours to get there and it just didn't work... I found a construction site where there seemed to be a flat space well isolated from the wind from two sides... But the wind changed direction, I could not attach properly the tent due to hard stony ground and had to use large heavy stones. I tried to get asleep but the tent was dancing, making strange and worrying noises all the time... Brrr... That night was terrible and so cold that the streams were frozen in the morning! The view in the morning was astonishing... And no wind for a good start...

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