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Not sure what to think about it

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Back on the road after a long morning rest and packing. With a tail wind I progress fast and my mood is improving...

One can see these signs regularly. Islas Malvinas = Falklands Islands... Not sure what to think about it, but I just don't understand why the British (not so much of an empire anymore) need to have these military bases under the nose of other independent nations, tens of thousands kilometers from their island? I guess they need to show who is the strongest...

Distance 146 km (cum. 1,464 km). Again, I did far more than planned... Since I left Rio Colorado, there was literally nothing! No place to camp, no water, no shop... Welcome to Patagonia :)

Fortunately I had a south wind which helped me maintain an average speed of 25 km/h! At arrival - this nice view of Rio Negro and a nice quiet motel :)

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