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Leaving the Penninsula!

Today I would like to get to Puerto Madryn and arrange to take a bus to Rio Gallegos. During the last few days I saw a lot of guanacos (relatives of lamas). Usually they were running away jumping 1-meter fences without effort... This one did not escape, maybe it was more used to the human presence in the natural reserve...

Distance 98 km (cum. 1,988 km). Finally arrived in Puerto Madryn. After the tough windy morning the afternoon was a bit easier. And the hostel Trapalanda is really nice - clean, pretty, artistic, with super friendly staff!

Summarizing my experience with Peninsula Valdes, I have mixed feelings. From one hand it's an amazing place, you can meet the real nature, etc. On the other hand it's not really going along with the cycling trip. It was exhausting to get there, so I was too tired to enjoy my stay. For the accommodation I could choose between a cheap camping and hotels charging >100 € per night. The camping is fine but leaving all your things in your tent is a bit scary. Actually Ennio who arrived there yesterday was robbed on this camping! He lost some of his mountaineering clothes and gear, which kind of spoiled his entire expedition! I think the museums and outdoor tourist attractions are a good option when you come relaxed, rent a car or a guided tour and enjoy... When you are on a cycling/hiking expedition you should avoid tourist attractions. And this is what I will do starting from now :)

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