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Arrived in La Junta!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Distance 67 km (cum. 3,288 km); Ascent 937 m (cum. 16,058 m). It was a hard day! I ascended a big mountain on a gravel road, than went on a three-hour hike to the glacier, and than tried to find a campsite. It was a bit too much for one day. Since the morning, I got systematically impregnated by dust. Every car passing by was rising a long cloud of dust which was covering me and the bike with a thick layer. I tried to protect my eyes and mouth, but it was not too effective... But at the end of the day I was rewarded by this nice view of the fjord and even a camping with a shower!

It started to rain! It's hard to believe after such sunny day yesterday and a cloudless night! I was happy to pack my tent just before the rain became intensive... I made a 2-hour stop in the village Puyuhuapi at the end of the fjord Quelat, probably the only fjord I will see during this journey!

Distance 67 km (cum. 3,355 km); Ascent 682 m (cum. 16,740 m). Arrived in La Junta! Most of the way there was only a light rain but half an hour before getting here a really strong one started. Due to my innovative solution made from a plastic rubbish bag and a tape my shoes stayed relatively dry! I found an amazing hostel (Casa de Museo) offering a unique atmosphere and nice artistic design. I decided to stay for two nights and wait to a forecasted improvement of the weather :)

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