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It's freezing cold here!

Arrived with all my luggage in Rio Gallegos! It's freezing cold here!!! Will have to try my winter cycling clothes I think... And fix the flat tire that happened after the bus transport...

When it will finish?! Since the morning I fight with a very strong wind! The landscape is nicer with low mountains. Since the road goes around the river I hope to find a nice spot to camp in few hours...

Distance 79 km (cum. 2,067). I found some information that there is only one ferry per week on the lake O'Higgins (the entrance to the Chilean landscape road - the famous 'Carretera Austral' which goes on Saturdays. If this is true this would mean that I would have to be in El Chalten (almost 400 km) on Thursday the latest... With this wind it's not feasible! Today I cycled 6,5 hours and achieved an average speed of 12,3 km/hour. It costed me a lot of effort and I'm not sure if I could go any longer... In Las Horquetas I found this simple campsite with a shop and restaurant. At least I will have a decent dinner :)

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