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In the middle of the way, an interesting phenomenon occurred

I left early in the morning, about 8:30, hoping to get as far as possible before the wind gets stronger. Before 12:00 it went really well, after a strong wind was blowing constantly...

In the middle of the way, an interesting phenomenon occurred. There were hundreds of thousands of insects on about 10 km distance of the road. They could not fly but they were just jumping clumsily. The cars were smashing them in thousands. I was trying to avoid them but it was not possible... I heard regularly this horrible sound of crushed bodies...

Distance 80 km (cum. 2,474 km). I finally did not make it to El Chalten! The wind was too strong and took out all my energy... After I did about 45 km in 3 hours in the morning, I could only progress at the pace of 7-8 km/h. It was really exhausting! I found a spot close to a river - Rio Blanco... It should be Rio Marron, as the water is very muddy. With the help of my water filter, however, I got a clean and delicious water and cooked a very good dinner.

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