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I was half-frozen after this

Distance 44 km (cum. 7,626 km); Ascent 222 m (cum. 55,502 m). I was warned that the routes in Bolivia are bad... But I did not expect that I will have to cross a large river! A woman in a village I visited in the morning explained me that on the 'main road' the river is about half-meter deep and I have to take a longer way, but if I take a shortcut I will be able to cross in a place where the river is wider but less deep... I took this shortcut! The river was indeed only 20 cm deep, but anyhow it took me half an hour to move all my stuff across, I was half-frozen after this, and could not find the continuation of the shortcut on the other side that would lead me to Macaya... As a result I spent a second night in a row camping in the wild :)

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